Fuel For Creative Hustle.

The difference between a creative and a non-creative is that a creative just believes and thinks that they are creative, so they move and navigate creatively. Shut Up and Create is a podcast-ish stream of consciousness for the creative in all of us providing insights and thoughts on business, creativity, branding, culture, life, and more.

All of us have the ability to create whether we are artists, entrepreneurs, community activists, or business leaders. So if you need some tools to Shut Up and Create then…

Hey my name Marshall,  I am a designer, entrepreneur, and soon to be a certified brand specialist. I use creativity + Strategy to help everyone – from creative professionals to business leaders – create more inclusive products and services.

I run a branding and design studio Artfluential and I co-founded Creative Control Fest. I believe discovery is a pathway to creativity and inclusiveness is “Of, By, and For” the people you are designing with and for.

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